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EZFIO is the Easy Fortran I/O library generator. It generates automatically an I/O library from a simple configuration file. The produced library contains fortran subroutines to read/write the data from/to disk, and to check if the data exists.

With EZFIO, your data is organized in a file system inside a main directory. This main directory contains subdirectories, which contain files. Each file corresponds to a data. For atomic data the file is a plain text file, and for array data the file is a gzipped text file.

EZFIO is written with IRPF90.



Programs using EZFIO

  • EPLF : Computes the Electron Pair Localization Function
  • Quantum Package : Library of quantum chemistry methods
  • QMC=Chem : Massively parallel Quantum Monte Carlo program for Chemistry

If you have a code which uses EZFIO, let me know and I will add it to this list.